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In my artistic journey, I plunge into the intricate layers of human emotions, drawing inspiration from the beauty of nature and the vibrant pulse of city life. My creative process is a dynamic, hands-on endeavor where I build up and carve away at the canvas, refusing to be confined to a static chair.

I transform intangible emotions into tangible expressions, capturing life's highs and lows. Each stroke and texture in my work contributes to a silent yet profound conversation, weaving personal stories into a universal tapestry.

Embracing a rich palette, my creations burst with vibrancy and unexpected elements. It's an immersive experience, inviting you to engage with the layers—much like I do during the creation process.

Employing an unconventional approach, I use various tools, even beyond traditional brushes, to shape and reshape my work actively. This ensures a deep connection between my hands, emotions, and the evolving art before me. Join me in witnessing the physicality of emotion and the dynamic interplay of layers that define my artistic expression.


Rebekah Mackay is an American abstract artist adept at weaving paradox into expansive canvases using layers of painting, scraping, and linework. Currently, she’s immersed in the development of her craft and voice as an artist living and working in Nice, France.


While her artistic fervor, understanding, and talents were innate, she honed them with years of intensive study. Rebekah holds a B.F.A in Fine Art from Syracuse University as well as a M.S. in Photography from S.I. Newhouse School Of Public Communications.


After university, Rebekah relocated to New York to join the creative services team at Ralph Lauren. She built a prolific portfolio of showroom installations across the US and EU combining expertly curated artwork with her own ambitious custom works including a 6-foot abstract painting,  and fine art photography. After, she joined the advertising team as a photo producer and contributed to US and global campaigns. 


In 2017 Rebekah founded her own creative agency coupling her industry expertise with her relentless creativity and drive (and a bit of madness). Over the five years in operation she wore countless hats with aplomb, including creative director, photo and video producer, and set designer to deliver innovative work for a diverse portfolio of clients including Walmart, Elle France, Prada, and 


Throughout the successes of her commercial creative work, the need to create never subsided. Inspiration overflow filled Rebekah’s sketchbooks, canvases, and any available margin until the pressure grew stronger than any fear or uncertainty and she surrendered to it. Letting it wash over her. 


In her return to abstract expressionism, each stroke, scrape, and line is a response to a timeless invitation. She states, “Time hasn't been lost; it unfolds right on schedule.”


The work she’s creating is a testament to time's passage. Stories etched in her existence. Rebekah invites you to explore juxtaposition, paradox, this artistic journey called life, where chaos and serenity can’t be unwound, and every canvas tells a unique tale.

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