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Artist Bio

Rebekah MacKay is an American visual artist whose work is rooted in the therapeutic power of art.

Rebekah with her dog Ischia in her San Franisco studio

Rebekah with her dog Ischia in San Francisco, CA

Rebekah, a Massachusetts native born in 1988, is a versatile artist who embraces the therapeutic potency of her craft. Armed with a BFA in Illustration from Syracuse University and an MS in Photography from the esteemed S.I. Newhouse School, her professional journey commenced in the realm of fashion at Ralph Lauren. There, Rebekah meticulously curated a diverse portfolio of original artwork and photography, seamlessly merging creative expression with commercial aesthetics for impactful in-store displays.

Venturing into the domain of advertising, Rebekah leveraged her photography expertise while serving as a photo producer at Ralph Lauren, laying the foundation for the establishment of her creative production agency, Hello Roo. A perpetual allure toward fine art compelled Rebekah to pivot her focus, making it her central pursuit.


Rebekah is presently embarking on a residency in France, further enriching her artistic journey beyond her previous base in San Francisco. Outside her creative endeavors, Rebekah enjoys an active lifestyle with pursuits such as trail running, surfing, and exploring local flea markets.

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